This Policy designed specially to Banker’s and Finance Companies against CRIME RISKS.  The Policy covers losses to the dishonest of employees as well as losses caused by people other than employees due to fraud, theft, forgery and etc.

The cover afforded in BBB Policy includes –

Infidelity of Employees – Covers loss of property due to dishonest or fraudulent act of one or more employees of insured resulting in improper financial gain.

On premises – covers loss of insured or customers’ property at insured’s premises due to theft, burglary, damage, destruction or misplacement.

In transit – covers loss or damage to property from any cause whilst in transit either in the custody of assured’s   employees or Security Company or its vehicle.

Forgery or alteration – covers loss due to forgery or fraudulent alteration of any financial instrument and payment by assured in good faith on the above basis.

Loss of or damages to offices and contents – covers loss or damage suffered to all contents owned by assured in his offices (excluding electronic equipment) due to theft,  robbery, hold-up vandalism, malicious mischief etc ).

How to select the sum insured

The sum insured is per employee and in aggregate for the policy period. Sum Insured is fixed based on:

  • Number of employees and their occupations
  • Maximum amount of money or stock handled by each employee

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