Management & Values


The core competencies we seek for our team members are as follows:

  • Business Orientation
    Aware of business issues and their effects on our customers, our company and the insurance industry in general.
  • Customer Focus
    Service delivery that is solution led and exceeds customers’ expectations.
  • Self-Management
    The motivation to achieve results; the initiative to take control; and the flexibility to adopt to change.
  • Planning and Organization
    The ability to plan and prioritize; to set goals, assign resources and meet deadlines; and have an eye for detail without losing sight of the big picture.
  • Decision Making
    The intellect to assimilate information quickly and apply considered judgment to complex situations; to be decisive under pressure; and persuasive under threat.
  • Innovative
    The ability to spot the opportunity and see the different angle.
  • Team Player
    The ability to contribute to the environment, and to share information and ideas.
  • Communication skills
    The ability to deliver and receive clear, concise, correct, complete and timely information.


We are committed to adding value to all our clients and associates…

  • Quality – working towards the achievement of the highest standards of quality, reliability & professionalism.
  • Productivity – focusing on accomplishments and measurable results.
  • Excitement – experiencing a high degree of energy and enthusiasm in the course of our work.
  • Continuous Improvement – working consistently to enhance or upgrade products, services or processes.
  • Openness – clear and direct two-way communications about goals, expectations, perceptions, business information and performance.
  • Teamwork – close working relationship with a group, to work collaboratively toward common goals.
  • Perfect Service to Customers – to exceed customers’ expectations with the highest quality information or products, rapid delivery, and personal attention.

Main services for our clients

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